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We've been asked to look at installing this device on a crossing in Brighton. Is anyone using it and if so what do they think. I'm not clear on how this works, they push a button on their phone and insert a demand at the signals but if they are blind how do they know that the green man is up (this is a crossing at a set of signals without audibles)


  • We've looked at this as well and I believe that the users phone will vibrate when the green man is lit. Word of caution though, the units will cost you in the order of £600 each (£1.2K for a standard crossing) plus an annual data charge and my understanding is that they don't yet have the relevant Type or TOPAZ approval / accreditation (Based on recent management correspondence with Transport Scotland).
  • There is new Smart Cross device that sits in the ped button that when a ped waves their hand underneath puts in a ped crossing demand. It's only £95 per button.

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