Siemens UTC - Gemini 2 to PTC-1

Hello All. Does anyone out there have issues communicating with PTC-1 controllers via Gemini 2 OTUs through their instation? I'm told that it is "possibly baud rate, will require site visit". Has anyone had issues in the past? I can actually connect and switch to the controller handset via UDRH and XXC, but I just can't do anything from there.


  • Hi Jo,

    Is there anything preventing the site being converted over to an IP connection? That way you can just use the on-board browser remotely.

    It is a LOT easier!
  • Hi Chris,
    Sorry, just picking up on this again. Our sites are all IP and were checked at the start of the year by the OTU supplier. Their advice, without having visited this particular site (even though the engineer took a trip down here?) and accessing it remotely, was that it could be the baud rate in the PTC-1.
  • Hi Jo,

    The default BAUD rate in the PTC-1 is 9600
    It can be changed with the BDR command or via the Web Interface

    You need the Correct RS232 Cable Form from Siemens that is wired for Loop-back as there is no handshaking in the Peek Controllers

    Also check the settings in the Gemini - See CBR Command
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