Dynniq aspects falling from signal heads

We have had 2 Dynniq sites where an LED aspect has fallen from a signal head for no apparent reason. At one site it has only happened once but at another site it has happened 3 times (same aspect at least twice, not sure about the first time), unfortunately this latest time the aspect hit a pedestrian causing head and shoulder injuries.
We are of course getting the head checked as a matter of urgency for manufacturing faults or similar but I wondered if anyone else has had similar problems. I should add that in both cases the poles are adjacent to the road so no walls for vandals to stand on, and there was no apparent damage to the head from a vehicle strike. The first site was a red aspect, the multiple problem site is an amber (I would assume a vandal would attack the green?).


  • I assume these are Peek/Imtech/Dynniq Elite heads. Never had a problem except where laziness allowed staff to not close all the catches. The head needs a good foam seal in order to make a good friction seal between the door & catch, but hopefully if the door was replaced, it had a decent seal attached!
  • The site was only installed in 2014 so the aspects are fairly new Elite heads. It seems to me that with 4 catches even a lazy engineer is unlikely to result in an aspect falling although the aspect could possibly come undone. The issue is that as they are LED aspects I'm not sure that anyone has had cause to touch them since the day of commissioning.
  • We have had another repeat failure of the red which had fallen before. Yet again, no obvious reasons and being LED aspects they aren't subject to bulk change and haven't had any failures in the meantime so no reason for them to have been unfastened. The seal appears to be good and has an imprint of the other part indicating some pressure is applied. Any thoughts or pointers gratefully received. Thanks, Ian
  • Change the lantern and get it properly inspected on the ground/back at the depot would be the easiest and safest thing.

    We have a problem with the old-style backing boards falling off and green aspects blowing more regularly than others but never had anything fall off, as yet.
  • Did this ever reach a conclusion?
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