Part-Time Temporary Access Signals...?

We are putting in a new T-junction with pedestrian facilities next year, with a private access to land that is used for the annual agricultural show. Currently there are no plans (and never have been) to signalise the access to the land as for fifty one and a half weeks of the year the access remains closed and unused. In the run up to the show it is opened so larger vehicles can access the ground in preparation for the show. Once the show ends, on the Saturday evening, some larger vehicles will start using this access to exit the show ground and the rest on Sunday morning. This is normally under the supervision of the Police. Upon consultation with the Police, they have suggested that the access should have its own stage and someone "flick a switch" in the controller once a year to introduce a temporary plan in order to deal with the traffic exiting the private access.

My answer has been that whilst in theory this sounds like the ideal solution, in practice I don't think we could implement it or rely on it. Equipment lying idle for nearly a year would probably have gone faulty and need repaired or replaced. We would have to have the site checked every year, we would also have to put someone out there to "flick a switch" or take manual control.

I would appreciate any views.


  • Why not have it as part time, so the phase is only switched on when required? Surely it would also be checked on the Annual Inspection so you wouldn't need to have it checked especially.
  • Pat, could you perhaps get in touch and explain how we could do this? We have part time signals for a bus lane else where which operate at another junction, but they operate twice a day.

    First day back at work, so trying to get my head around it - apologies if it is obvious!

    And yes, the site would be checked at the annual inspection. Is it ok to leave RAG heads "dormant" for a year though?

  • It should be possible to switch on via special conditioning (manual panel aux buttons) so this would work the same way as a time-switched phase or stream. We have heads which are bagged over for> a year, but depending on your maintenance schedule could the lamps be changed as a matter of course anyway. If LED, can't see any major problems, or get really clever & introduce the phase overnight for a cycle or so for peace of mind?
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