Faulty Scoot Loop - Or Not?

Hello all. I have a bit of a strange, recurring scoot loop fault at a junction here. Since I've moved offices and migrated to Hosted UTC last month, everything is right in front of my eyes now on a daily basis (rather that sitting on a stand alone pc somewhere else), easier to monitor and I've come across this annoying fault.

The scoot loop is located on a section of dual carriageway, on the approach to a bus gate (picture attached) in to the town centre. There are two loops - G1 and G2 (diagram attached). The bus lane on this dual carriageway is only operational part time, 7am to 9.30am and 4pm to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday. When the bus lane is in operation, the scoot loop in that lane is set to not in use. At all other times, it is in use as that's the lane the majority of traffic flow in to town uses. Vice versa for the loop in the other lane - it is used when the bus lane is in operation but not at other times.

If you look at the log for the loop (file attached), apart from it reverting to historic data at random times of the day (which all our loops are set to do if they go faulty), there is a pattern there which matches the operational times of the bus gate.

This has been happening on an off for about six months now, but it has now gotten to the point where it is almost a daily occurrence.

Our maintenance contractor was called out last month to check the loops and detector packs and found no faults so I've now passed it on to our utc/scoot system supplier to see if they can find anything.

To my knowledge, no one has been messing around in the controller so nothing could have been swapped around and there is no damage to anything on site.

There's something wrong either on site or in the database, but I can't figure it out.
N11 Glasgow St-Galloway St Loops.pdf
Glasgow St Bus Gate.jpg
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  • The attachments dont appear.. keep getting a 500 Internal Server Error message.

    Have you checked the Detector Full/Empty thresholds?
  • I keep getting that error with the attachments, sorry about that. Checked all of the thresholds and since I asked our UTC provider to look in to the problem it has stopped. I'm just waiting for them to come back to me with the answer.
  • Possibly inverted?
  • Still not sure - problem seems to have cleared up since the provider was asked to look in to it. Still waiting for feedback as to what the issue was though!
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