Technology for visually impaired people with guide dogs

I have been asked for information regarding equipment available for assisting visually impaired people with guide dogs to cross at signalised crossings. We obviously use audible and tactile indicators but is there any other innovative equipment available.
Whilst I appreciate that this is a very general question, I would appreciate it if anyone experienced in this area could provide information on the latest thinking.


  • Just installed our first Neatebox site; despite not being its initial target audience, it is proving popular with chair users and those with arthritis and parkinsons, not just sight impaired.
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    Hi Chris - what did you need to install to your signals in order to make them Neatebox 'Button' compatible? I quite like the idea, but their website doesn't give much away from the engineering side of things.

  • Ian
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    Smart Technology Ltd are a technology company based in Bamber Bridge, Lancashire, specialising in:-
    1. Smart Crossings, wearable tech and urban way finding tech for six disability groups including the visually impaired
    2. Remote Security - ‘High Tech’ security solutions and in particular our SmartGuard Rapid Deployment LPG powered CCTV Systems

    The SmartCross retrofit we discussed will take your teams around 10 minutes to install. This is a unique product and we have applied for a patent.

    SmartCross - PRICING
    SmartCross Covid Safe Touch Free –
    £95 per unit plus vat

    SmartSwith - PRICING
    Covid Safe Touch Free as above + for the General Public, Disabled, Blind & Visually Impaired Parkinsons & Dementia Sufferers, people with Learning Difficulties
    £180 per unit +vat

    Kindest Regards


    Vivienne Meggers
    Sm@rt Technology Ltd

     Tel (Office): +44(0) 1772 364384
     Email:
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