PTC1 Ignoring Demand/Stage Skipping

I have a PTC1 controller that has decided under VA to ignore one particular stage (seemingly at random) despite a demand being present via loops or when we've made it PD in ram.
Has anyone had anything similar with a PTC1 and did you find the cause?


  • Have you looked at what the phases are doing in the maintenance tab? Is the demand there but being missed due to something else timing off or is the demand being cancelled altogether?

  • If its a "random" occurrence its usually something in the config that doesnt happen very often, like a combination of stage/phase appearances that causes it to happen; time of day settings, mins maxes, phase delays etc.

    Try setting everything PD and work back from that and keep an eye on the phases tab see what the timers say.

    Of course, doing all that on the flop would be easier...!
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