Water/Condensation in Siemens ELV Controllers

Is this an issue other authorities are having? One solution is to fit heaters, but that would surely partly offset the benefit of moving to ELV?


  • Hi David

    Yes it seems to be an issue. Not had any related faults in my area yet, but im aware that my local depot has ordered heaters for some problem sites elsewhere.

    On a similar vein, im having to fit heaters to my comms cabinets to prevent condensation - seems as though the heat from the UPS and switch just isnt enough!
  • Are they base sealed & are all ducts etc sealed as well? Not seen major problems at all with ELV except one site that had been left with wet sand in the base. We have an RLCS site where there are problems with condensation in the wide base poles.
  • I've only had an issue with one site, but it's just come to light after the controller being in place for 3 years. Not sure what the issue is there.
  • Hello, please get a small bag of desiccant and place it on top of the controller to absorb the moisture build up. Thanks
  • The sites sit on NAL cabinet bases, so may not be as good as a properly laid seal but wouldn't have thought this would be too much of an issue? Some of our ELV controllers now have small heaters in them, which pretty much defeats one of the main purposes of ELV!
  • We had a few Siemens ELV sites where the top cap assemblies were suffering from excessive condensation. I assume in the past the equipment must have generated enough heat to prevent this but ELV equipment doesn't.
    We fit heaters to all of our cabinets but that's largely a historical thing to keep Tele12 OTUs happy in the winter.
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