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Hi I am looking at using a presence detector to put an input into a controller at one particular site so that can then let a common data base know so that it can implement a set of plans further up the road to allow more green time and clear the queues. The data base we have is Argonaut (Cloud Amber). I've looked on the internet for various presence detectors. Goldern River have various ones (M830, M100, M300). Ideally it would need to be above ground (two lanes to cover) and not Bluetooth as not many vehicles/phones are always switched on. Thanks Ian


  • telent AIMS in 2 lane mode will fit the bill.
  • Ian,
    The Trafficam / Thermicam product from Flir may fit the bill and would be more reliable than the AIM-S. The cameras can do counting or operate as a standard loop or queue loop. In addition you can do some basic conditioning in the camera.

    We are using them for SCOOT detection and replacement for VA loops. You need only 2 cores between the camera and the Processor card, this can be connected directly to your IP comms.

  • Does anyone have any long term experience with using the FLIR detector? Thanks
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