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Do any of you question and then assess the requirement for pedestrian crossings, or any signal installations/infrastructure that has been in place for ten or more years?

("budgetary pressures" etc...)


  • We don't have such a specific criteria of when to do this (yet) but one of my tasks this past year was to create justification processes for the removal of junction signals and signal crossings. At the moment we haven't used either in anger, but I have based them on the criteria to provide signals or crossings. There are several examples from other Authorities on the web.

    Certainly budget pressures are the main driving force behind this process. Capital funding to provide more and more is still available but our revenue budgets to maintain are being cut while things like energy costs are increasing every contract renewal. The ultimate decision will of course rest with Cabinet but I suspect they may have to start making those difficult decisions soon.
  • When we come to refurbish signals, we do look at whether they are still needed / most appropriate. Rather than working to a criteria, we talk to the local Council Members to gauge opinion. We don't generally have the time or money to just review them at intervals.

    As a separate piece of work, we are looking at a project to assess all sites and identify which could just be switched off. Despite willingness internally, it's dropped down the list of political priorities at the moment and seems to have stalled.
  • TfL recently looked at various sites with regard to use & have decided to decommission about 80% due to lack of use, one site was installed <10 years ago. I'm pretty sure there's a report available somewhere which details the criteria.
  • I currently use the ADPV2 formula from the Dorset CC paper presented at the 2006 symposium.

    It works wonders and I am trying to get it pushed through as a policy for the consideration of all new crossing requests.

    Also when getting the crossings surveyed I request that the survey company differentiate between pedestrians that push the button and wait for the green man and those that simply cross at that location (i.e not pushing the button, or pushing the button and crossing in to traffic).

    Before getting the surveys done I make sure that the crossing is and has been in working order (no VA detector faults!) for some time and that the max times are not unduly long, so as to make sure that there cant be claims of "people dont use it because it takes to long to change" etc.

    This has seen one crossing put forward for removal in the coming budget year, with three being surveyed this year for removal in 2015/16 financial year and four more surveying this May for removal 2016/17.
  • Does anyone have a copy of the paper Chris refers too? Not on the JCT website.

  • I have a copy available in pdf... however I would assume permission from Mick Hopper and/or JCT would need to be forthcoming for me to offer it?
  • Did anyone get permission for the paper mentioned by Chris? I did message JCT but haven't had a response.
  • If you still want a copy then message me at
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