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I thought it might be useful to provide somewhere that old controller handbooks could be kept. If anyone has any then please email to me and then I will put on forum. They need to be under 5MB. I wont post any that are still available on manufacturers web sites


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    C3000 User Manual
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    MPC Pelican, Toucan & Puffin Suplement and LMU
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    GEC CX Controller
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    Monitron Controller
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    Peek APC
  • Ferranti Traffic Signals Controller Series 2
  • These manuals (as attachments) seem to have gone missing - since this web forum was re-instated recently. Can they be recovered?
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    I am waiting for a technical issue to be resolved but hopefully manuals will be restored in the new year.

    In the mean time email me direct at if you need anything urgently
  • Can anyone send me Microsense Sentinel Handset manual? We need it for supporting maintenance to our client in Dubai, UAE.
  • I will if you send me your email.
  • There still seems to be a problem with attaching files which I have raised again. If anyone needs a copy of a manual email me at

  • C3000 Manuals
    C3000 Fault Codes.pdf
    C3000 LEAFLET.pdf
  • GEC CX Controller
    CX Maintenance Manual.pdf
    CX User Manual.pdf
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