Merge in Turn

Anyone used 'merge in turn' on perm traffic signing?
There doesn't appear to be any perm options in terms of TSRGD nor does there appear to be any authorised by the DfT.
Are temp signs as per Chapter 8 the only option?


  • Merge in turn signs, now prescribed under Schedule 13, Part 9, must not be used in a permanent situation, unless authorised by DfT. I seriously doubt if DfT would make such an authorisation.

    There are specific criteria to use them, as stated in Chapter 8.

    Why do you feel there is a need to use these signs in a permanent situation? I can think of no valid reason at all.
  • I agree that there do not seem to be any authorised by DfT since 2011 in their on-line repository here. But I've seen several on the highway network (sorry I can't remember where), presumably put up without approval.
  • There are many variants of this.

    The one that springs to mind for me is the northern end of the Elland Bypass where a dual two lane road reduces to a single lane, and without the signs queues were extending back some distance along the bypass.

    With the signs drivers formed two lines instead of one extra long one that stretches back a good 800-900 metres and reduced the overall wait times for traffic. They'll be removed soon as the bottleneck is being widened in the near future.

    There are valid uses for them in a permanent context but as they're non-prescribed for this purpose you're never going to get a site specific approval.
  • Google Streetview link for the signs Bryn is referring to. Almost certainly unauthorised and with the distance on the bottom line in an odd position.
  • They were installed saying "200m" and had to be quickly rectified. That was back in 1996. Thankfully nothing to do with me.
  • edited May 2019
    (53.7291329, -2.4499424) I cant do links currently but if you search the coordinates on google maps you will find a merge in turn sign example that is becoming popular in a council near me.
  • Here's a Google streetview link for that sign, Peter.
  • Is that sign almost encouraging traffic to drive on the wrong side of the road?!
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