Depth Gauge - 826/826.1

I've just discovered that the above depth gauge is no longer permitted under TSRGD 2016. Does anyone know why, I can't find any discussion about it? Is there a replacement gauge I am missing?


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    I asked this very question at the DfT's Traffic Signs Technical Working Party in June 2016. The answer I got (as it appears in the official minutes) was: "WD [DfT] replied that it could possibly be installed using the Planning Regulations, whilst MY [Highways England] thought that the Environment Agency had their own powers to install these".

    More recently, a draft of the new Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 4 has been given a limited circulation for 'peer review'. Whilst discussing fords, it makes no mention of depth gauges. The IHE made strong representations that they should be included, as their omission from Chapter 4 implies that DfT thinks these devices are no longer necessary and that authorities may remove them. The IHE considers that would be dangerous and could lead to lives being lost.
  • I am pleased to say that the water depth indicator is illustrated in the newly published version of TSM Chapter 4, with a note that it needs to be authorised by the relevant national authority.

    That's great news, but a somewhat backward step for a previously prescribed signs to now need site authorisation. Also, it's a pity that DfT didn't accede to IHE's other suggestion for this sign - to replace "M" with "m" as the correct international abbreviation for metres.
  • I hope the logic was *new* sites requiring depth indicators should not be built; hopefully replacement of existing ones will not require site specific authorisation.

    Likewise I suppose where flooding happens under bridges the argument is "well fix the flooding"?

    Hopefully a future TSRGD will undo what appears to be a blunder.
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